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Growing up watching a close family member go through a bitter horrific divorce that took years and cost hundreds of thousands to fight, but more terribly, one that absolutely scarred the children.
Nadia knew then that there had to be a better way than this traditional acrimonious process of divorce.
Setting out to become a family lawyer starting the change she wanted to see, Nadia is committed to resolving parenting and property matters quickly, efficiently and respectfully so that you are able to effectively close one chapter in life and start the new one ahead.

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At Hills Family Lawyers, we understand that divorce can be a challenging and emotionally taxing process. That’s why we specialise in Courtless Divorce StrategiesĀ®, prioritising mediation, negotiation, and collaborative approaches to help couples reach amicable settlements without the need for a lengthy and costly court battle. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to guiding you through this difficult time, ensuring a fair and peaceful resolution that minimises stress and preserves important relationships. With our Courtless Divorce StrategiesĀ®, you can navigate the divorce process with dignity, respect, and efficiency.

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Based on 65 reviews
Kostas Tsampaos
Kostas Tsampaos
Nadia is very professional and she helped me to go through and understand the whole legal process. I highly recommend Nadia for your legal matters.
Debbie Yeates
Debbie Yeates
I always go to Nadia from Hills Family Lawyers for all my legal needs. If she can't help me she always knows who to recommend me to. I trust her advice implicitly and always feel heard and well taken care of when ever I see her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Johnelle Perry
Johnelle Perry
Nadia provides a professional service with grace and empathy. She takes the time to explain the legal processes clearly. The costs incurred are very reasonable.
Nevin Takla
Nevin Takla
Wonderful staff, very friendly and kind. Most importantly they are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to welcome, assist and make you feel comfortable, highly recommend Nadia & the team for all your legal matters.
Maz Maz
Maz Maz
Nadia from Hills Family Lawyers is amazing. She is helpful, courteous and professional. She was patient with her dealings with me, explaining every step on the way to achieve my result. I have been a repeat customer and will keep coming back. Thanks Nadia for your outstanding service. Highly recommend.
Amira Bishai
Amira Bishai
Extremely supportive family lawyer. Very informative and patient in explaining the process and documents. Very experienced. Very easy and comfortable to talk too. Highly recommended.
Joseph Miel Alam
Joseph Miel Alam
5/5- I would say that Hills Family Lawyer was very accomodating and answered our queries. Maurelle and Nadia were excellent. If ever you are looking for an honest and transparent legal discussion/advice, I would not hesitate to recommend Hill Family services.
Cosmo Macri
Cosmo Macri
Nadia is the best Lawyer I have ever come across. Definitely a cut above the rest. The best ever and thank you Nadia, you are an absolute gem of a person and very professional.
Mark Alvin Santiago
Mark Alvin Santiago
Had a telephone general consultation with nadia, she was very helpful, she directed me to which approach best to my situation. She made it easier for me to understand my options and helped me to decide what to do to my matter at hand. The receptionist i spoked to was very helpful as well. All the best

22+ Years

of resolving separation and divorce disputes

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