From when I was a child, stories and social justice were my passions. Growing up I watched a close family member go through a bitter horrific divorce that took years and cost hundreds of thousands to fight, but more terribly, one that absolutely scarred their children. I watched how after 10 years of fighting there were absolutely no winners – but a trail of devastation with ramifications that still continue to ripple the very fabric of their everyday life.

I knew then that there has got to be a better way than this traditional acrimonious process of divorce. So I set out to become a family lawyer to start the change I wanted to see.

See, is it really a ‘win’ in the family court when you ‘score on a point of law’ but pay for it by having your life in limbo for years, being unable to move on, having your children scarred for life, your finances ruined and you carrying the heavy load of bitterness, anger and resentment that holds you back years after it is all finally over?

Life is too short to spend in bitter court battles.

There is a much better alternative – one that can see you resolve parenting and property matters quickly, efficiently and respectfully so that you are both able to move on, end one chapter and open the brand new one ahead.

It’s a carefully planned way forward- that has helped the vast majority of our clients settle outside of court – that includes being forearmed with information, education and preparation right from the start and knowing all the options available to you for a Courtless settlement.

Let us help you discover them!

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Nadia Messiha

The Courtless Divorce Strategist®