Child Support Options

Going through separation in parenting matters will involve discussions around child support.

One option is to have Services Australia (accessible online via the MyGov website) do all the calculations, collections and payments for you.

Services Australia use a formula that is based on many factors but most importantly include the following;

  1. The total number of nights (calculated as the number of nights in the calendar year) that the children spend with each of their parents

  • Each parent’s income

  • The cost of care and raising children

You can find the full 8 step formula here.

Another option is to reach an agreement with your ex-partner regarding the amount you each feel is appropriate based on your own private calculations of your child’s needs.

Things that you may wish to consider should include amongst other things the;

  1. Day-to-day costs
  2. School fees, uniforms and educational costs
  3. Extra-curricular activities
  4. Medical and dental needs and costs

This private agreement can be documented by way of a Binding Child Support Agreement (CSA).

For help and assistance with a binding child support agreement contact us now on 1300 44 55 75.

By Nadia Messiha

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