Room to Spare

Separation under the one roof

We have talked in previous posts about why you should confirm dates of separation in writing and discussed when you can file an application for divorce.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons – (not least of which is housing affordability in Sydney!)  separated couples are forced to spend days, weeks, months or even years! separated under the one roof.

When coming to apply to the court for a divorce, the court will need to know the reason you continued living together while separated as well as the following information:

  • when did you or your partner move out from the shared room
  • When did you stop attending events and outings together as a couple
  • when did you tell family and friends that you are separated
  • when did you separated bank accounts
  • when did you stop doing things for each other around the house
  • if and when you notified the government departments (such as medicare etc)

The court will also need an affidavit (a sworn document) from a family member or friend showing the court when and how they knew your relationship had ended and what changes they started seeing between you and your ex after your separation.

By Nadia Messiha

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